What to Wear to a Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony? We Cover Bride, Groom, & Bridal Party

    What Does the Bride Wear to a Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony?

    Step 1: Choose Qipao or Qun Kua

    In the initial stages of planning your Chinese wedding attire, the first decision is choosing to wear a Qipao or Qun Kua. Seeking input from elders might be helpful given that certain Chinese cultures prefer one over the other. However, if you get to decide, exploring the pros and cons of each dress type can help you make your decision:

    Qiapo: Pros & Cons
    • ✓ Shows off your figure nicely
    • ✓ Very photogenic
    • ✓ You can create a super elegant look, especially with a gold hairpiece
    • ✗ Last minute fitting issues which means you might need a tailor
    Qun Kua: Pros & Cons
    • ✓ Loose fit which means no last minute fitting issues
    • ✓ Tons of auspicious patterns
    • ✓ Can get a matching Qun Kua piece for your fiancé
    • ✗ Not able to show off your figure

    Step 2: Don’t Forget to Send out Invitations

    Before deciding on your Chinese wedding attire, make sure to send out your Chinese wedding invitations. It's a courteous and respectful gesture, especially for key guests like parents and elders. If your events are close, you can combine these invites with your regular ones. You can include information in both Chinese and English (or any other language) to ensure everyone is covered.

    Formatting Chinese wedding invitations can be tricky, and figuring out the necessary information can be challenging. That's where we come in – we're here to assist you with these details.

    Step 3: Choose Your Accessories

    Once you've decided between a Qun Kua or Qipao, the next step is accessories. Pay special attention to your hairpiece, as it will complete the whole outfit. For a touch of tradition, or if required by elders, add a beautiful red veil.

    Elevate your look with a Lucky Double Happiness Fan, especially if you want to take photos; it makes a huge difference. To carry essentials like your phone and touch-up makeup, a small clutch is also a practical addition.
    Lastly, don't overlook the significance of a matching Chinese Tea Set that complements the ambiance of your outfits and decor. The elders will love it and the photos will look stunning.

    What Does the Groom Wear to a Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony?

    While grooms have various options, many couples prefer a coordinated look that matches with each other. If the bride is wearing a Qun Kua or Qipao, consider having the groom wear a matching Qun Kua or Magua to seamlessly blend with the Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony ambiance. Another stylish choice for grooms is the Tang Suit, an oriental-style jacket that can be easily worn over suit pants.

    What Does the Bridesmaid Wear to a Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony?

    For a harmonious ensemble at your Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony, consider dressing your bridesmaids in traditional Chinese bridesmaids dresses that complement both your attire and the overall ambiance. With a variety of looks to choose from, guide your bridesmaids to select colors that enhance your presence and avoid clashing. Opt for subtle pastel tones or incorporate hints of red for a touch of luck while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

    What Does the Mother of Bride or Groom Wear to a Chinese Wedding or Tea Ceremony?

    The attire choice for the Mother of the Bride or Groom at a Chinese wedding holds significant importance, as it contributes to the overall impression of the bride. Striking the right balance is crucial – you aim to complement the wedding ambiance without overshadowing the couple. Whether you lean towards a more traditional and oriental outfit or opt for something Western with a subtle touch of oriental flair, the key is to harmonize with the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

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