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Linda Somers

Thank you so much WSW! You literally saved my wedding. Couldn't find anything I liked until one day I stumbled upon your site. THANK YOU!

Penelope Lee

So I was seriously going bridezilla because I had like 30 google tabs open trying to find stuff for my wedding at all these random sites. Thankfully, you guys have everything all in one place!!! 

Jenny White

My guests love the tables gifts as they went perfectly with our blush, rose gold theme!

Kelly Jan

Free Shipping is what drew me in. A lot of sites advertise that they have the best prices and best sales but shipping costs a ton. I love how this site has free shipping on all the products! 

Olivia Torres

Wedding Shop World is seriously a bride's lifesaver. Got all my wedding stuff here and I couldn't be happier. 

Tania Nguyen

For any bride who cannot find stuff for their wedding, come here! The customer support is super fast and friendly, and we couldn't be happier with our purchases. My now-husband spent hours here too! 

Patricia Gao